Charity Gala 2015


Dear friends,

In a cooperative effort with various artists in the area of Chania, under the auspices of the Crete Regional and Chania Municipal Administrations, I am organizing a drive for donations to the Pediatric Clinic of the General Hospital of Chania. A successful concert was held on Monday the 30th in Chania at the “Pneumatiko Kentro”.

From now through Monday, December 7, you are asked to give your support to this initiative with a donation that can be directly deposited to the bank account of the General Hospital of Chania (“Geniko Nosokomeio Chanion”).

One hundred percent (100%) of your donation will be spent on the charitable goals because the people involved in the project are all volunteers.

Please make any monetary instruments payable to:

“Pediatric Clinic”

this way it is clear which funds are specifically for the Pediatric Clinic.

The account number at the

Bank of Piraeus (“Trapeza Peiraios”):


International banking account/IBAN: 

GR 35 0171 3770 0063 7703 0021 574

In the next weeks I will keep you informed on the amount we’ll be able to reach and how it will be invested.

                                                                                            Thank you,


Signing my biggest cheque!

Today I went to the Children Ward of Chania general Hospital to officially deliver the cheque of the money we collected at the concert. The direction declared the money will be invested to buy:

Otoscope and ophthalmoscopic units

One vital signs portable monior

One Oximeter

Blood pressure meters

We collected this amount both from donations during the concert (1280,00 Euro) and from donations (1220,00 Euro) of our main sponsors  listed on the lower part of the cheque.