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         Here are the albums from which I created the Medleys for the “presents” section that I hope you already had the chance to enjoy.

...I wanted this recording to be perfect.  But life, a generous and loving phenomenon, insists on reality...so all the “perfect” preliminary conditions, that I thought to be indispensable, refused to align. I slowly embraced the various forms of humility, patience and self-acceptance, and these qualities  increasingly revealed themselves to be a different kind of perfection, the perfection of reality, the perfection of what is actually possible. I broke the shackels of proving my virtuosity, and instead learned that creating the music is the enriching path toward virtue. Reality rather than oppressive illusions of ideality, life rather than fantasy...

This album is a dream come true. I’ve been thinking many years about how a classical guitarist and a percussionist could work together, how Europe and Africa could find a common ground of expression. I’ve always been fascinated by the cathartic function of African rythms, and always wondered  how order and freedom could blend. I discovered that the two different approaches are complementary. Some of the tunes I composed, started with an idea that I then developed improvising with Vangelis; some other tunes just spontaneousely came up during an improvisation, and afterwards I took the time to finish them on my own. This is a live recording mainly taken from a concert at the Conservatory of Rethymno in Crete, Greece.

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