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I know it’s sad...my album "A-Live" free streaming initiative is over...if you enjoyed my work you have a few more days to download it by donation; give the amount you want, from 1 to 1.000.000 !

This album is a dream come true. I’ve been thinking many years about how a classical guitarist and a percussionist could work together, how Europe and Africa could find a common ground of expression. I’ve always been fascinated by the cathartic function of African rythms, and always wondered  how order and freedom could blend. I discovered that the two different approaches are complementary. Some of the tunes I composed, started with an idea that I then developed improvising with Vangelis; some other tunes just spontaneously came up during an improvisation, and afterwards I took the time to finish them on my own. This is a live recording mainly taken from a concert at the Conservatory of Rethymno in Crete, Greece.

Ok...a few more days to download my album at the price you want!

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You can also watch tutorial videos about my compositions just by clicking on the tune’s title.